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   Annual One Day Chili Shoot
First Sunday of March, 2003
3 Free Stages of Cowboy Action Shooting
Plenty of Hot Chili, Hot Dogs, and Coffee
Caution - Some Cold Weather May Show Up

Doc says it sure looks like snow's acom'in.
Anne Gunn says anyone lookin.
Ms Lainey & Mary keepin watch.
Terrible Terrill and her coon
skin coat + a six shooter.
Warmin up around the Chili Pot. Jon Law keepin an eye on all that shootin.

Lake Morey Gun Show
Feb. 22 & 23, 2003


"Howdy" says Littleton Dalton  
Nan Dalton says "Wow, look at all them guns" I dare you to come to this table.


Annual One Day BBQ Shoot
Last Sunday in April
3 Free Stages of Cowboy Action Shooting
Hot Food & Drinks (for sure)
Cold Weather (perhaps)

"Lots of watchin going on"   Is that chicken ready Yet?    A little discussion time.
Are you loading correctly?     What a crowd! All waiting for BBQ.

Annual 2 Day - 10 Stage Cowboy Action Shoots
3rd Weekend of June, August, & October
(Choice of Shooting 5 Stages per Day or All 10 Stages on Saturday)
Side Events as Scheduled


Green Posse Red Posse Blue Posse

Annual Long Range (400 Yard) Buffalo Shoot
First Sunday of: May - June - July - August - September - October

May 2003 May 2003 May 2003 May 2003
Love that gun rack. Buffalo shooters chowing down. Long Range Winners: Beerman, Doc, Yet and The Good Guy First Darksider Event.
Discussing Misses Flashy Harry takes aim Ribbon Winners: June Buffalo Shoot

5th Anniversary Safety Meeting

Annual Woods Walk Black Powder Fun

One Day Shoot as Scheduled

Three Primitives Settler's Camp

Range Improvements 2003

Jan 12, 2003 Jan 12, 2003
First work party of 2003      Door Building Decisions
Roof Construction Roof Construction Roof Construction Toilets & Storage addition
Cabin Additions Start of something great
New Buffalo Shoot Shelter

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