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BBQ Shoot
March Chili Shoot

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Buffalo Shoot


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New Roof

Walking High


Behind Cabin Before Behind Cabin After New Parking Before New Parking After
Fun in the snow Good Food
  After Good Shoot    
Meri & Nan
Fix'n that Chili & Dogs
More fun in the snow





The Pledge of Allegiance












Boston Bill Arresting the Village Idiot

Boston Bill Giving Instructions For Shoot

N. Hayseed Instructing Ramrod

Soaking that Chicken

Quirt Edwards/Lean, Mean Shooting Machine














Blue Posse

Red Posse

Soggy Gold Posse


Channel 5 Interview

Lancaster Fair 2004

Cooking the Chicken



Clamper Jack

Littleton Dalton


All Gussied Up

Long Hair's Channel 5 Interview

Stage 4


Scorpion Lady and Gemini Kid

Stage 2




Biathlon planning session

Saturday + Sunday
June 19 & 20
August  21 & 22
October 16 & 17

Thursday May 6                    Saturday May 15
Thursday July 8                     Saturday July 17
Thursday August 12     Saturday September 18

First Sunday of Each Month:
May 2                   June 6
July 4               August 1
September 5   October 3

Sunday April 25

      Chelsea Kid
Takes Aim

Biathlon Results

Biathlon Event
(Black Powder/Snow Shoe)

Sunday March 7

Two Day Shoot

One Day Shoot

6 stages

2004 Range Improvements