The Dalton Gang Shooting Club of NH LLC - Dalton, New Hampshire

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Ike Shotgun McCoy & friends

Midnight Angel, Timbalina

& Calico Jan

Valerie, Carol, Diaper Rash & Darlene
Beaver Tooth and Nobody Custer and the Good Guy

Doc McCoy and

One Eyed Jon

Ike and Catfish Cal

Only 7 shooters hearty enough to shoot the Sept. 15th Cowboy Shoot.

Diamond Rustler and

Diamond's Jewel

Blue Posse

Boston Bill Posse

Elaine and Wendy


Amos T

Brass Harvester

Island Pond Paul & Brett Cantrell

Team Event Winners


Making Smoke


Birthday Boys Handy Andy

and Gabby

Day of the Cowboy Shoot Group Photo

May 4th and 5th Work Party

August 25th Chase/Woodswalk

October 20 & 21 Last Cowboy Shoot of the Season

September 15th Rainy Day Cowboy Shoot

Two Day Cowboy Shoot August 18th & 19th

May 3rd Shootout (1 Day Thursday Shoot)

Blue Posse

Gold Posse

Boston Bill Posse

Ram's Goat

June 16th and 17th Shootout

Stage 10 Bettin' the Farm

1st - Hawk Wesson

2nd - Catfish Cal

3rd - Rootin' Tootin' Tim

Make-A-Wish Foundation Shoot

Held June 9th

Left to Right are:
Donna Parker(Make-A-Wish Representitive) Littleton Dalton, Nan Dalton and The Lone Ranger(Spirit Warrior).

2007 Chicken B-B-Q

Nan and Meri say

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."

Spirit Warrior asks

"You got room at that table partner?"

They went that-a-way!

Ancient Ones

Upcoming Events


The Last of the Season Cowboy Shoot Scores for Oct., 20 and 21

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Complimentary Long Range Shoots on the 1st Sunday of each month  until the regular season starts in May.



A Couple of Biathlon Participants

Biathlon Couple

Rifle Door Prize Winner

Barre Gun Show

                Primitive Biathlon

Discussing the Trail

Get set.....GO!!!!!

Good Times and

Good Friends


Shoot Held Saturday July 21, 2007




Blue Posse

Boston Bill Posse

Chuck Wagon Bob

Crystal Creek Chris

Dixie Jim

Doc Making Smoke

HC Ramrod

Cool Hand Ken