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March 2, 2008

Chili Shoot


















The hardy group who braved the chilly, Chili Shoot.

We had an almost perfect weekend for the 2008 Dalton Primitive Biathlon.  The ice storm of a week earlier was replaced by over a foot of fresh powder.  The course was in its best shape as 79 participants made their way through the course.  There were many positive comments about not only how good the course was but also how scenic the trail was.  Of course a few commented about the" first hill", but enjoyed the long downhill after station number 2.  The only glitch was after noon on Sunday when a full force blizzard blew in.  After heavy snow and whiteout conditions, we ended the race a bit early after we heard thunder and lightning during a whiteout.  We would like to thank all  that participated in the biathlon, donated prizes,  and a special thanks to all the volunteers without their help the biathlon would not be possible.  We invite everyone back for the Dalton Chase in August, and next years Dalton Gang Primitive Biathlon. 

Please watch the slide show below and enjoy many pictures from
this past event. It takes a bit to load but is worth the wait.
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2008 Biathlon Review




              Slideshow Here

                                                  September 4th

                                                 Thursday Shoot

                   Thursday July 3rd Shoot













           Hayseed and Iron Bob                                    Unwanted Guest                          Diamond Rustler on the Move











                      Jon Law's Safety Meeting                                                                              Blue Posse






Red Posse










Gold Posse


Blue Posse

Safety Meeting

August 23rd Dalton Chase



    This space is reserved for the last

     2 Day Cowboy Shoot of the year

  October 18th & 19th. But check out

   the events of this past year (below).

October 4th Buffalo Banquet









September Long Range Shooters












Doc Petting the Buffalo



Diamond showing affection to Doc.

        September 13 One Day Cowboy Shoot







        Pesky Coyotes  Made Easier                               Safety Meeting

June 21st & 22nd

2 Day Cowboy Shoot




                                             Blue Posse                                                                         Gold Posse #1



                           Gold Posse #2                                                                               Red Posse

July 6th Long Range Shoot

















                 Long Range Gun Display                                            Momma and Baby Bear

    July 19th Day of the Cowboy




               Blue Posse                                               Red Posse                                           Gold Posse

                                         August 3rd

                                        Long Range








Scorekeeper keeps a close eye on the hits.                    Resting among friends at the Buffalo Shoot.












                 Winners of ribbons for shooting                              Where did everyone go?

            at the white dot above the bowler hat.



                                             16 & 17th

                                                2 Day

                                           Cowboy Shoot





       LtoR: Doc, Handy Andy                                                                                        Great Cake donated by

               and Maverick                                                                                          Ruby Blast and Yankee Hoot










Red Posse

May 10, 2008
Cowboy Shoot





Blue Posse                                                           Red Posse

September 7th Buffalo Shoot




September Long Range Shooters








Taking Careful Aim



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